Saturday, December 31, 2016

Just Like the Monkeys

We saw the band, Ralph's World on one of those early morning shows when Evan was still new. We thought, "Finally! A band that makes music for kids that adults will like, too!" Or, at least, not hate. We really liked them, and bought their latest album, The Amazing Adventures of Kid Astro. We got it, and listened to it. A. Lot. We all knew the songs by heart. We sang at the top of our lungs to Evan, and he'd laugh and smile. Evan had gotten to the age when he didn't think he needed a nap anymore. Thing was, if we got in the car, he'd go to sleep. If we were driving home from somewhere and it was early afternoon, he would start to drift off. He'd get that little short power nap in, and he'd be ready to go once we got home. So, no down time for Mommy. I remember we were just a couple of miles from home when Evan started to close his eyes. We just wanted to keep him awake till we got home, then he could get a good nap in. We cranked up "Just Like the Monkeys," one of Evan's favorites, and started singing loudly. And badly. We sang our hearts out to try to get him home awake. His eyes kept fluttering open and shut. He'd smile, clearly thinking that we were the silliest people on the planet, then close his eyes again. Pretty soon it was obvious that we were not going to win this battle with the Sand Man, so we just let Evan sleep, probably dreaming of monkeys and silly parents!