Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Watching Over Me

Evan loved music. He bopped his head to the beat, and listened intently to music he liked. Of course, he wasn't shy about telling me to change the station when he didn't like what was on! I remember putting on a Renaissance CD in the car. Evan asked what it was. "What's this musit?" he wanted to know. I told him it was music from a long time ago. He didn't seem impressed. He knew what he liked, and asked for it, or rather, demanded it. "Ella Fitzgerald," he requested. It was probably more like, "Ewwa Fitzgewall." I'd played him some Gershwin tunes with Ella Fitzgerald singing, and he really liked them! I let the track finish on my music, then put on his.

We used a couple of tracks from that album for Evan's visitation and funeral. We chose "Someone to Watch Over Me" for the funeral service. It does make me a bit weepy sometimes, but I still love the song. I always kind of feel like he's the someone who is watching over me.

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