Saturday, November 5, 2016

Music in a Minor Key

I've always loved music. I remember listening to the Beach Boys and The Platters on an 8 track player in my parents' old car. When reading made me start feeling motion sickness, there was always music playing to soothe me. I took a couple of years of piano lessons as a kid, then picked up the flute in middle school. I still play flute (and a little piano)! I may skip the scales and the etudes, but I get in some playing here and there.

They say music soothes the savage beast. I can believe it. Music has a way of making us feel. Feel happy. Feel sad. It brings back memories of different periods of our lives, even the little ones. I know going out for a run helps many people work through a bad day, or deal with difficult emotions. It's also true with music. It may not be as physically punishing as running, but playing a musical instrument can help me deal. To just survive.

I remember soon after Evan died, I was going down to the basement to practice. My parents were there, and my mom asked me whether I should or why I bothered. I'm not sure what I said, but I knew that I needed to play. Not just for the sense of normalcy, but the music would allow me to just let go. To let me feel, no matter how hard I knew it would be. I remember playing C.P.E. Bach's Sonata in a minor that night. It is still a very emotional piece for me.


Sherrie said...

I'm glad you have something like music to sustain you. What does Justin do?

Pam said... games?

F Moseley said...

Evan would ask grandma to sing the Our Father song when he went to bed.

Sherrie said...

Heh, that was my guess. Not really the same, though.