Friday, November 7, 2014

Who me?

Little kids are messy. It just comes with the territory. If you give them a moment to themselves, they fully take advantage of it. In my experience they don't sit around coloring on paper. They sit around coloring on the walls! They don't pour themselves a bowl of cereal. They dump out the entire box onto the floor! Go big or go home, right? So, when you look at this sweet little face, you may think, "What could that sweet little boy possibly ever do that could be even the teensiest bit naughty?"

Maybe dump out the entire bag of flour?

The look on his face says to me: No regrets!

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Grandma said...

Remember the time he pulled apart a whole pad of Post-it notes and scattered them around the kitchen. Then he said," Look at this mess."But he smiled while he picked up the' mess.' What a boy!