Tuesday, November 18, 2014

There's More than One Way to Get from Here to There

Sometimes it seems like little boys (and little girls, for that matter!) are in a state of perpetual motion. And they don't saunter. They don't lollygag (unless Mommy really needs to be somewhere now! Then they're all, "Look at the pretty flowers! Let's stop and smell them, shall we?") The ordinary pace of a little kid is fast. They don't want to walk, they want to run! Every time the whistle blows at the swimming pool for a little speedster, I can't help thinking of telling the lifeguard, "They can't help it! Running is the only way for little people to get from here to there." Running is fun. Running away from someone (especially Mommy!) is even more fun! The look of glee as a toddler runs out into the parking lot! "Oh, the Thrill of the Chase," he seems to be thinking. With poor, terrified Mama desperately trying to catch up. Evan was a runner. He'd run off at the store. He gleefully ran from me at the park. Sometimes he just ran for fun, cheeks jiggling, wind in his hair. But there were times when he slowed it down, and kind of speed walked. This wasn't a situation where he was randomly running around (or escaping), he was on a mission. Evan walked with A Purpose. A purpose known only to him. Well, until he excitedly told me all about it. But when he did this power walk, he'd pump his arms up and down like in the picture. It was an exaggerated arm movement. When I saw him start to do this, I knew he meant business. Usually the business of getting to a special part of the playground. Sometimes I catch myself pumping my arms like this, and I always think of him with a smile.

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