Monday, November 17, 2014

The Way We Said Goodnight

Before Duncan was born, as I mentioned previously, we had bedtime as a family. Well, when I say we had bedtime, I mean Justin and I read to Evan, and then Evan went to bed. Evan loved books, and even at other times of day, he could be found pretending to read. Of course, there were favorites. He loved Corduroy, and The Day the Babies Crawled Away. We had fun doing a Henry Builds a Cabin and Henry Climbs a Mountain mashup. I was able to do this relatively easily, because I had them memorized. We read the same books so often, that many of them were committed to memory. We got into the habit of reading Goodnight Moon at the end of each story time. And pretty soon, I was just reciting it to him. This picture is referencing Goodnight Moon. In the book there are "three little bears, sitting on chairs." In our version there are three little bears sitting on Mommy's head! Of course, Evan loved it!

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