Monday, November 10, 2014

The Big Kid

Evan loved being outdoors. He wanted to run around and play, and outside was The Place to be. He'd drag me out if it was 100 degrees, run around (chubby cheeks jiggling), and then when I'd say I needed a drink of water, he'd look at me like, "I know what you're doing, lady. You're trying to trick me to go back Inside! Well, it won't work!" I wasn't trying to trick him. Although, I did resort to bribing him with some nice, cold orange juice to get back into the blessed air conditioning. Sometimes when we were out some of the other kids on the street were out, too. We did our own thing, but I think Evan enjoyed watching the big kids play. He'd ask what they were doing. There was one boy that took an interest in Evan. He was probably 8 or 10 years older. He clearly was missing out on the little brother experience, and kind of adopted Evan. Sometimes after the other big kids dispersed, this kid would come over to play with Evan. It didn't matter what Evan was doing, the big kid played along. He was always really sweet (although, he did call Evan "Big Ears" once.) When the other kids came back outside, the big kid was always sure to say bye to his little buddy. One time after saying bye to Evan, Evan turned to me and asked, "Where's the little boy going?" I told him, "The big boy (he's much bigger than you! You are the little boy!) is going back to play with the big kids." When the big kid learned about Evan's death, he came to the house with his condolences and a special poem he had printed out.


Grandma said...

One day Evan wanted to go back inside for something, but he was not ready to stop playing. He told me, 'You stay right here.' on the step. He knew if I came in too, playtime outside would be over.

F Moseley said...

We bought Evan this little car he could ride. He would get in it and say "Going to work". He would ride to the edge of the driveway and turn around and come back and say " I'm home".