Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Sometimes a Boy Just Needs His Mommy

When Evan was about 5 months old, we took him to see one of my best friends and her family. He was scooped up immediately by the baby loving mamas there, and passed around aplenty. After 30 or 45 minutes of this, however, Evan had had enough. He wanted his Mommy, and he wanted me now! He was so upset, poor little guy. I tried to calm him down. I tried to nurse him. Nothing doing. He was inconsolable. He also had a vice like grip on my arm, as though he was telling me, "You're not doing that to me again, lady!" We managed to get him to the car and drive over to Grandma and Grandpa's house. He was back to his normal happy self after a little car ride.

Less than an hour after that traumatic experience, and Evan is ok again, and ready to be snuggled.

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Grandpa said...

Evan was such an easy going and friendly little guy, he would go to anyone who put their hands out to him.