Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Some Like it Hot! And Spicy!

I look at a lot of these pictures of Evan, and I notice a smudge on his face. It happens regularly. And it all goes back to the food. He was a good eater, as I already have said, but he also ate all. the. time. He loved to eat. And, I thought I was pretty lucky having a kid who ate a variety. There wasn't any coercion with Evan. He would try something new. If he liked it he kept on eating. If not, he'd spit it right out! Usually in my hand! (Gross!)

I know many people suggest that a pregnant woman's cravings mean that she needs more of what she's craving. If she's craving fruit, then she needs those nutrients that fruits can provide. If she's craving meat, she needs protein. So, what does it mean when she craves chips and salsa? That's what I craved when I was pregnant with Evan. And it turns out he loved Mexican food! We'd take him to Moe's restaurant, and he'd eat his Moo Moo Mr. Cow burrito like a big kid. And, he'd eat the whole thing. He also loved to dip his chips in the salsa. He might only get a tiny little bit of salsa on there, but the dipping was the thing. Justin and I took Evan to a Mexican restaurant when Evan was pretty small (maybe 18 months.) He dug right in to the chips and salsa. Our drinks weren't there, yet, so Justin and I hadn't started the chips. Evan had a look of determination on his face. Kind of one of those, "Less Talking. More Eating" sort of looks. I decided to join him. That salsa was HOT! He was eating it, but clearly needing something to cool his mouth down. We asked to have a milk for him right away. He didn't cry. Didn't pout. But he did chug that milk as soon as it reached the table!

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Grandma said...

Yep, one day Grandpa gave him a 'pig in a blanket'. He took it, bit into it, then out it came. He definitely did not like that. He loved blueberries. He would pick one from the bush, hold it up to me and say,'eat it?' and wait for me to say, 'yes'.