Sunday, November 16, 2014


Last night before Duncan settled down to go to sleep, he appeared at the top of the stairs. He should have been in bed. It was late already, but he said he was scared. My thought was, "What is it this time?" After watching some space show a while back, he appeared at the top of the stairs and said, "I'm afraid of the sun becoming a red giant." I told him we probably have 5 billion more years till that happens, but he really did seem upset, so I went with him to his room to snuggle and help him get to sleep. Last night he said he was scared because of The Dark. He has double windows onto the dark back yard. I always close the curtains, but he knows it's still back there. He doesn't seem terribly upset, but I go anyway. He may be taking advantage of his pushover mommy. But I don't mind hanging out with my little guy. Sometimes I fall asleep, too. One time I went in there after giving up on sleeping in my own bed because Justin was snoring like a bear using a chainsaw. That time every time Duncan turned over he hugged me and said, "I love you, Mommeh!"

Evan had his little night time rituals and needs, too. After bath time with Daddy, they'd go to Evan's room for story time and some snuggles. I came up later, because I was usually in charge of feeding Duncan and trying to get him to bed. Before Duncan was born we had family story time, and a snack. It was fun, and Evan was never ready to go to sleep. He'd fuss for a while, and then eventually settle down. Once little brother was in the picture, Evan had to share. It was hard on him. But Evan always insisted that I come see him at bed time. My job was to sing what he called, "Our Father." Also known as The Lord's Prayer. I'd pick him up and snuggle with him, and sing. After the song we'd snuggle some more and talk. He was never ready for bed then, either. But didn't fuss as much. There was one time I remember watching TV downstairs. I heard footsteps on the stairs. I turned to see Evan coming down with the look on his face like, "Yep, it's me!" It was 11 pm! Kind of late for a 2 year old! It seemed like he just came down stairs to see what we were doing! We got him back to bed, and he slept the rest of the night.

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