Sunday, November 23, 2014

Seeing Red

I ordered the flowers for today's church service. And, silly me, I didn't leave a note about wanting the bouquet to be colorful. So, I ended up with a solid white bouquet. Again. If you don't know how I feel about solid white bouquets, you can read all about it here. I guess it's my own fault, since I'm the picky one. I suppose it's all about Evan's purity again. Blah blah blah! Well, here are a few pictures of Evan in his favorite color.

Evan may have been seeing red himself when Grandma pushed him over to see the new guy. 

By age two Evan was definitely all about red. If he had a clean red shirt, that was what he wanted to wear.

He didn't pack up and leave us behind when I produced a blue shirt for him to wear, but he definitely preferred red.

His jacket was even red! ("Look at these pumpkin patches!" he would say about individual pumpkins!)

He liked red sauce with his pasta!

He showed a preference for red early on. 

He looked adorable in any color he put on. If he had the choice? It was red.

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