Sunday, November 9, 2014

Evan the Tool Guy

Evan was one of those kids that liked all things construction.  It just so happened there was a large construction area on the way to our favorite playground. Every time we passed by the construction area, Evan would name all the trucks. "I see a Digger! There's a Front End Loader! Look! A Cwane!" He knew what everything was called because he had a book all about construction vehicles. He also enjoyed the smaller jobs that construction workers do. He liked the hard hats and jack hammers. But most of all he loved the tools. Whenever there was a project that we were doing around the house, Evan was right there as helper. He's helping his Daddy with some bead board in the picture. He would take the boards in and place them on his little toy workbench. He pretended to cut it to size with his chainsaw (that's what he was calling his table saw!), and then bring it in for placement. He mostly pretended, but he actually did get some work in. He was an excellent helper. He learned what some of the tools were called by watching Bob the Builder and Handy Manny. When he first started to get sick, I went and got him a little tool box and toy tools. He named them after all of the tool characters from Handy Manny. After the bead board was installed on this project (or projet, as he would say!) and painted, Evan went in there, put his hands on his hips, and nodded, saying, "We did a good job!"

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