Thursday, November 13, 2014

Evan Cleans the Mess

"Look at this Mess!"

 When you're a messy boy and point out your own messes with surprise ("Look at this mess!" Evan would say after creating said mess), you might also be interested in cleaning up that mess. Or not. If it involved the Vacuum Cleaner, chances are pretty good that the clean up might get interesting. What with the noise and the fact that all that stuff disappears. Vacuums must be pretty neat to a little kid. Evan was obsessed with vacuums from early on. I think the noise scared him a little (it still does scare Miranda!) But the Noise! The Power! And above all the fact that it was a Machine (or 'chine, as he would call it) made it desirable. I'd have it in the corner beyond the child safety gates, and Evan would go and look at it. He'd point and say, "'Cu Cweaner!"

When we shopped at Target, it was a treat to go look at the vacuum cleaners. Seriously! As Evan got a little older, and his vocabulary and his pronunciation got better, he started calling it a "Dacuum Cleaner." He also got to try out the real one! He'd get one spot on the rug and go over it and over it and over it. That must have been the cleanest spot in the house! I thought it was so funny that kids can make fun out of what adults see as the biggest chores. Just a matter of perspective, I guess!


F Moseley said...

Evan could name just about every "chine" he saw. He was here when the farmer was harvesting his wheat. He looked at the huge machine and said "combine harvester".

Unknown said...

I have a memory of Evan being fascinated with the vacuum cleaner, too. That time I came to visit from CA and you had a dinner party. You were cleaning up to get ready, and put Evan outside the baby gate while you vacuumed the family room. He remained glued to the gate, pointing and talking about the vacuum. We couldn't hear what he said over the sound of the machine but vacuuming was clearly an important even for him!

Unknown said...

That was me, Amy, making the above comment. :)

Also, I've been enjoying reading all of your memory posts.