Friday, November 21, 2014


Evan had other buddies besides Bear Bear. Before Evan was born we decided we wanted to decorate his room with a bear theme, so my in laws gave us a bunch of adorable bears to do just that. Except bears are more for playing with, snuggling, and toting around rather than sitting around looking cute. (Although, they're good at that, too.) 

A favorite bear with all of the kids is Snowbeary, aka "Mommy's Bear." Yes, that little polar bear is all mine! But I have had to be careful. We have kids with sticky fingers around here that sneak him into their rooms for snuggles.

Another favorite is "Gorilla" also known as "Monkey." Although, we did explain that he's not really a monkey. Gorilla (we're really clever with names here!) was a gift to Evan when he was just a few months old. Gorilla was bigger than he was! I thought for sure he would terrify Evan. Nope. He loved him from the start. I'm not sure if you can tell, but Gorilla's arms face forward, so he is permanently ready for a hug.

This is Evan with his buddies in the little bounce house we bought for him as a "Here's a cool toy, and guess what, you're a big brother to this loud, screamy guy!" present. You can see he's got Gorilla, Piggy (his real name is Hamlet), and Blue Bear. Evan would tuck all of these animals (and more!) in his arms, and walk them down the stairs, saying, "Got my buddies!" With all of his buddies at his side, he was ready for anything!

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