Thursday, November 20, 2014

Bear Bear

I would be remiss to not include Evan's favorite bear in a little compilation of Evan memories. Evan's bear was his bear before he was even born! We picked it up when I was a few months pregnant. We immediately fell in love with Cloud (that was the name on the label.) We couldn't help it. Sure, he was a cute little bear, but we are also Bear People. I can't say that the bear was an instant hit, but he definitely grew on Evan.

And before long Evan was toting his bear with him everywhere. We even got a back up bear in case the first one went missing. Around this time (or maybe shortly before), we discovered that Evan had named his bear. We had always just asked him, "Do you want your bear?" and never really called him anything. Apparently, when Evan was in the church nursery, he called his bear, "Bear Bear." And it stuck! Unfortunately, Evan discovered the back up bear and insisted on having both bears. When one of them went missing, we still had one, but he did miss his Bear Bear 2.

Evan played with Bear Bear constantly, and just had him around as his companion. He's showing him the cool vacuum cleaner here.

When it was time for bed, we always had to find Bear Bear first. There was no going to sleep without Evan's best buddy. There was one night when I couldn't find him. We were both upset. I told Evan to go on to bed and try to sleep, and I'd keep looking. I eventually found him, and tucked him into bed with my sleeping boy. In the morning Evan came running into my room all excited, "I found Bear Bear!"

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