Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Bath Time!

Justin was responsible for Evan's bath time most days. He got the bath tub filled with loads of bubbles, and the two boys would play! Evan ended up with bubble beards, bubble hats, bubble clothes. It was all pretty adorable. Justin would end up as wet as Evan, because Evan was a splasher. He came up with some games to try to keep the water in the tub. We bought some cute animal bath mitts and squirters, foam animals that would stick to the side of the tub, and suction cup fish. The fish seemed to be the favorite. Justin would give Evan a fish, and say, "One, two, three...FISH!" And Evan would throw his fish at the wall to see if they would stick. It was hilarious and good fun. When it was my turn to give Evan a bath, I had to learn the ropes. It was fun, but I'm not sure how successful it was at keeping the water in the tub! I distinctly remember getting pretty wet!

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Grandma said...

Remember the squeaky toy porcupine which Evan named 'Korky Kine'. He had to have it for his bath here. I still have it, and it still squeaks.. still named Korky, too.