Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Birthday Boy!

Duncan turned the big 0-8 last month! (Gah! I have an 8 year old! Where did the time go?!) Duncan has been going through a space phase the last few months, and decided he wanted a space themed party. I got on Pinterest, and started pinning ideas like crazy.

I made our Throw Asteroids at the Solar System Game. The kids would throw the foil covered Styrofoam balls at the game board. It may have gone over better if I had offered prizes. Oh well!

I made little masks for a mock photo booth...which was a little bit of a dud. 

I did manage to get Miranda to give it a go.

"Roger that!"

And Duncan tried to blend in with the alien balloons. We used some of the alien balloons to play, "Whack the Alien." They used pool noodles to attack the balloons. This game was pretty popular. Once they popped all the balloons, they mostly hit each other with the noodles, which actually was the favorite game. Sigh... Not quite what I planned, but the kids did have fun.

My homemade Jupiter Chinese lantern.

Next, we had gift giving, and...


I found these edible image space cupcake toppers on Amazon! I was so pleased with how they looked. I didn't taste one, but some of the kids liked them.

And, finally, the goody bag.

I printed the totally awesome rocket from a free printable I found on Pinterest. It's wrapped around a roll of Lifesavers, with a Hershey's kiss on top! And the contents of the goody bag included: specially made lollipops I bought from Etsy, Starbursts, Milky Ways, and some space image magnets I had made here locally.

In the end it was just a fun time with a bunch of friends. 

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Grandma said...

Wow! Sorry I missed it. Looks like they all had fun. You did lots of work.