Thursday, April 10, 2014

Playing Catch Up. Again. Snow Day!

We're fortunate in The South not to get a whole lot of the white stuff. We may get a little snow one year and none the next. Six inches of snow is a big deal here. Of course, we're not used to driving in it! We never get any practice! Because we see so little snow, we're able to see its beauty and enjoy it like we did when we were kids. The picture above is Evan's tree (Crape Myrtle 'Acoma,' I believe.) We planted it in 2004 when Evan was born. It's 10 years old now and probably 8-10 feet tall!

One nice thing about living on a slope is that we don't really need to go anywhere for our sledding.

The driveway ended up being the favorite spot. A longer, scarier ride! (Miranda, sporting the Birthday Hat!

The cold weather and precipitation was pretty rough on the plants. Things are coming in now and leafing out. But not everything came back.

Miranda takes making Snow Angels very seriously.

Hitting The Slope with me!

After being out in the cold, the kids, sparkly eyed and rosy cheeked, were ready for some homemade hot chocolate!

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F Moseley said...

If we had more snow it would not be so much fun.