Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Pronunciation Really Does Matter

Duncan has become fascinated with the solar system. We've checked out books from the library, we've watched shows, and talked endlessly about the planets and space. It's been fun and educational. My favorite sciences have always been Earth sciences. Geology, meteorology (although, I suppose that could be used on other planets), oceanography. My sister was the one that knew the constellations and the interesting facts about the planets. I do know that the Earth is the 3rd planet from the sun. Mostly because of a certain show called "Third Rock from the Sun." Anyway, I'm enjoying this new interest almost as much as Duncan! We look at different photos from far, far away and ooh and ahh over everything. Duncan has always been a curious little guy. Once he figured out the talking thing, he started asking questions. And I'm flattered that he thinks I know everything, but sometimes I just don't. (And I'm thankful to have Google there to help me to answer his questions!) Some of the questions lately are: "Why is there a Great Red Spot on Jupiter?" My response, "Ummm...isn't it a huge storm or something?" There are questions about heat on Venus (as well as the heavy atmosphere), winds on Neptune, and pretty much everything you want to know about Uranus. He pronounces it "Your Anus." I don't think it's an unusual pronunciation or anything, but it certainly brings out the 12 year old joker in me. "Mommy, have you ever seen Uranus?" "I might if I got a mirror." heeheehee, I laugh gleefully behind my hand. "Mommy, is Uranus on its side?" I try to remember how Uranus got its tilt and try not to lose it. "Mommy, there are rings around Uranus!" Woohoo! I may have to see a doctor about that, I think, but say, "Cool, Duncan!"  


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Ha! Love your inner 12-year-old!