Saturday, January 4, 2014

Eye Update

Here's a picture of Duncan's eyes after the surgery. This is not on the surgery day, but a few days later. They were quite red for that first week, and had a tendency to cross, too. The doctor had told us that the kids that start off a little crossed tend to have better success with the surgery. It was disconcerting looking at his little face. He seemed disconcerted, too. He'd look at me. Not just look, but stare! His vision was doubled in those first few days, and it really seemed to be weird for him. He never got upset or frustrated, and thankfully, it was gone by the end of the first week. The redness has turned into just a little pink on the sides and it's not quite a month out. They seem to be straight, and any attempts to draw out his right eye has met with failure. Woohoo! Hopefully, this will be for the long term. Like, forever!

I wanted to include this picture of Miranda. This is how she came home from school the day of Duncan's surgery. Duncan was pale and pitiful and his tummy hurt. She kind of looked him over, said something about his eye surgery, then wanted a snack! She left with Grandma and Grandpa shortly after. I have to give her credit for not being her usual rambunctious self with big brother during the first ten days. He wasn't allowed to run or jump, and they both did really well at following those instructions, which is tough for kids! I never really thought that I'd have to remind Duncan not to jump or do a short run while just moving about the house. Silly me! But he did great, and is continuing to do well!


Grandma said...

He looks so pitiful in this pic. I am so glad he's better. Miranda and I had lots of fun at my house.

Pam said...

He does look pitiful, doesn't he? He felt fine, he said.