Friday, January 10, 2014

Christmas. A Little Late

The letters the kids wrote to Santa. That I forgot to mail. Oops! Miranda's is on the left. She says that she would like a fairy doll (I actually wrote "doll" as she was done by this point.) Duncan asks for a Lego Hero Factory character called Fire Lord. Funny. The lists got longer as we got closer to Christmas!

Christmas arrived and my little hazardous waste boy got some cool warning signs to hang up in his room...which sometimes looks like a dump!

Santa brought his annual ornament for Evan's stocking. This year is a beautiful handmade (and locally made!) wooden birdhouse with tiny little red bird.

Alon-sy! We had a very Whovian Christmas! Lots of little Doctor Who things for everyone!

Even me! Justin got me this Dalek ornament!

And the Tardis lights! I think I can probably keep those up year round, right?

A close up of Evan's 2013 Christmas ornament.

A Tardis necklace (pronounced neck-a-lace) for Miranda.

Here's a beaded snowflake ornament that I made. I was very pleased with the outcome.

And Legos. Ugh! The Legos! I experienced Lego rage as I put this together. Thankfully, Justin completed the top bit, so I could stop raging.

And the Tardis must have stopped by Cinderella's Castle, because look! It's Amy Pond! A Doctor Who companion!

We've had loads of fun with this marble run from Pop and Lala.

It was a really lovely day. The kids had fun with their new things, and we all enjoyed having Grandma and Grandpa join us for Christmas dinner. Unfortunately, Justin chucked the turkey he made after thinking that it might not be thoroughly cooked. So, no turkey sandwiches, no turkey casserole, etc. Nobody got sick, so it all ended up ok. 

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Sherrie said...

The beaded snowflakes did turn out great, I love mine! Thank you!