Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Most Wonderful Time?

Christmas is a pretty wonderful time of year, generally. The smell of our Christmas tree wafts around the house. The lights make everything a little prettier. I don't decorate for any other occasion, so it's nice to have the house look pretty once a year! There's always the hustle and bustle when going shopping. I know some people love that. They love being in the thick of things at dark thirty on Black Friday getting deals on...who knows?! We went to the park on Black Friday. It was chilly, but nice. I shop a bit before the holiday season starts, so that my credit card bill is not astronomical come January. I've tried in these past few years to shop small businesses and locally. It's fun and it's nice to think I'm helping out a neighbor. So, we're all decked out and we've got a couple of presents under the tree.

 But this year is a little different. Yes, I've been trying to find the perfect gift for family members, and yes I've tried to get my creative juices flowing (I made some of my own ornaments!), but this year we scheduled Duncan to have eye surgery. Eye muscle surgery, to be precise. His right eye drifts out. Not all the time, but even with patching, it didn't seem to be getting better. When the ophthalmologist mentioned surgery last year, I almost started hyperventilating! After patching his good eye (to strengthen the weak one) religiously, and seeing no results, AND hearing stories of people losing vision in the weak eye, we decided to schedule the surgery. I had a few times I thought I would hyperventilate just thinking about it in the weeks leading up to the surgery. Finally the day came this past Friday. Friday the 13th.

Duncan and I had talked about the surgery. Not in great detail, but I wanted him to have a pretty good idea about what would happen. The only time he seemed nervous about it was when he thought the doctor would go into his eyeball. I told him that she would be working on the muscles on the sides of the eye. He was chipper on Friday. He had family there to keep him smiling and calm. The doctor managed to skirt around his, "are you going to put sharp pointy things in my eyes" question. Duncan picked out a toy from the Toy Closet, and before too long I accompanied him to the OR. I held his hand as he went under the anesthesia. I was dismissed and went to the recovery area. And prayed. He was with us an hour and a half later, and he was hurting. It was so hard to see my little boy in pain. They'd given him medicine, we just had to wait till it kicked in, and try to help him stay calm. The nurse really was wonderful with him. In those difficult minutes, I thought I might throw up or pass out. Thankfully, I kept it together for my little guy.

We got home and Duncan felt pretty poorly. Thankfully, once he got the anesthesia meds out of his system, he started eating a little bit and feeling better. So, since then he's played A LOT of Minecraft, watched some robot movies, and snuggled with his Mommy and Daddy. He has several more days that he's supposed to not do vigorous activity, so we'll see how that goes. His eyes are very red and they have looked pretty crossed. I decided to keep him home from school today and limit his screen time to our normal limits. He's been in his room playing with Hero Factory characters and Transformers all day. Everything seems pretty normal. And the crossing seems better, too. So, hopefully he'll be back to school tomorrow. And I'm hoping to get back to a more normal Christmas feel around here, too!

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