Tuesday, November 19, 2013


I hurt my left foot over the summer. I took a while off vigorous exercise, but was still feeling pain, so I finally went to see a podiatrist. Nothing was broken (yay!), but he did think I had peroneal tendonitis. That's a tendon on the outside part of the foot that reaches from the calf, down past the ankle, and dives under the foot about halfway along. He told me to wear shoes ALL the time. Bummer. I was a total barefoot gal. I ordered the shoes he suggested: Orthaheels. They have what I decided to call an aggressive arch. I have high arches, but these made it feel like I was walking on baseballs! So, I was supposed to wear supportive shoes all the time. That meant getting rid of the flats, flip flops, and the like. I also picked up some orthotics to put in other shoes (running shoes, church shoes, etc.), so I wouldn't have to buy even more shoes! It's been a slow process, but with a combination of the awful Orthaheels and the orthotics, I seem to finally be making some progress with the pain! And, honestly, it seems more related to the orthotics. I was still having some pain before I added them in to my running shoes. Now, things are starting to feel pretty normal again. So, I'm thankful for finally getting some relief for my foot!

When I went to the podiatrist, he suggested I take time off running/walking. Although, I'm not sure any podiatrist loves running! So, I decided to explore some other exercise options. I wanted to avoid my usual holiday weight gain and depression. I decided to start going to a gym. I picked one where several friends go, so I felt like I'd always know someone there. I started attending Yoga twice a week. I saw all these friends that first week, and then they weren't there for a while. Turns out everyone went through a sick phase. I kept going anyway, and added a Spin class. So, I've been going to these classes regularly, and slowly added a bit to my walk/run. So, I feel like I'm getting in shape. The endorphins help keep me happier, and I'm feeling pretty good. I'm in enough of a routine that I think I can manage to go through the holidays. Although, I'll have to figure out things when the kids are out of school. But, overall, I'm pleased and thankful for joining a gym!

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