Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Kindness of Strangers

I am in two minds about teaching kids about "stranger danger." The whole "Never talk to strangers" lesson falls short of what happens in real life situations. Sometimes, you need to depend on a stranger for help or information. I've talked to Duncan about different kinds of strangers who might be ok. Mommies, workers at a store, he always suggests police officers. Justin was in a situation over the weekend where he had to depend on the kindness of a stranger. He flew into his destination city at four o'clock in the morning. He got a cab to his hotel. Either it was closed or the cabbie was wrong. They tooled around for a while, looking. Justin asked to be taken back to the airport. The cabbie instead took him to the owner (I think?) of the company, who knew Justin's coworkers and put Justin up in his own home. In a little girl's room filled with Hello Kitty decorations. Justin must have felt right at home. Haha! I was worried about his safety, but the people were kind and he got to where he was supposed to be eventually. I am thankful he was taken in and not left somewhere where he could have been mugged

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