Saturday, November 23, 2013

Thankful for Memories

I've been looking up Advent calendar ideas on Pinterest lately. I feel like I try to do something new every year, because whatever we tried the previous year was a dud. We've had wooden things with doors and chocolate cardboard calendars. The kids never seem as excited about them as I was when I was little. When Evan was about to have his second Christmas (he was about two months shy of his 2nd birthday), I decided to find a special Advent truck calendar. He was all boy and loved trucks and trains. We looked on ebay and Amazon, and finally found something cute. It came in the mail and before too long it was time to stuff it with treats. I purchased a bag of Hershey's kisses. I put a kiss behind each door on the little wooden truck and presented it to Evan. He opened the first door with glee, and ate the kiss, foil and all (he did spit the foil out!) Then he started to open the other little doors, looking for more chocolate. I tried to explain the whole idea of having a chocolate for each day leading up to Christmas. I put the truck away. But Evan, being a little smarty-pants, found it and helped himself to some more chocolate. Needless to say, we ran out well before Christmas!

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