Friday, November 1, 2013

Season of Thankfulness

This year has been somewhat difficult. Not for any particular reason. I've just had a rougher time than expected dealing with the ongoing emotions from having lost a child almost seven years ago. I come into the Thanksgiving season since Evan's death with more of a sneer than a smile. This year is no different. Perhaps even more of a sneer than usual. Two years ago, when Evan's death anniversary fell on Thanksgiving Day, I decided to do that thing where I share one thing I'm thankful (or grateful) for each day leading up to Turkey Day. It was hard. I wanted to make it personal and share things that really mattered, rather than talking about being thankful for something kind of silly. Because I took it so seriously, it wasn't fun. It was a bit of a chore. It was hard! I said to myself last time, "I'm never doing that again!" Well, here I am, two years later. I keep thinking of all the things I hate about November. So, I decided that I may not want to do another list of Thanks, but I need to. I need to remember what makes me grateful. The little things in day to day life (yes, even chocolate!) that make me smile and feel content. So, with that in mind...

I have been working on some handmade ornaments I hope to trade with friends for the Christmas season. I've added patterns to Pinterest and bought supplies. I got busy a few weeks ago. This was a new craft for me, so I knew I needed to practice. Things kept going wrong. I kept needing to head back to the craft store for something slightly different. I was feeling pretty inept over this "simple" pattern. Well, this week I finally, finally had success! I was getting a bit frustrated for a while, but I was chalking things up to "the learning experience." I'm pleased I kept at it, because the results are very pretty. So, today I'm thankful for the "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again" adage. And the successful results! In other words: perseverance.

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