Thursday, November 14, 2013

Scents from the garden

Yeah, I missed another day. And I'm feeling tired now and not feeling very thankful. So, I'll do the best I can.

I'm thankful for all the lovely scents that come from plants and flowers. I just purchased some Stock (Matthiola incana) for some fall color and fragrance. I sniffed around the various selections they had at the nursery (aka "plant store") and decided on the ones that smell like clove. They smell lovely and spicy. We've had a couple of sub-freezing nights this week, so hopefully I won't lose any blooms. (I did cover them.)

Everyone appreciates a scented rose. So many newer varieties are black spot resistant, bug resistant, humidity resistant, but they have no scent!

I enjoyed the Lavender in my new Evan's garden this summer. I moved it to be along the path, so I could smell it easily. I also have a few Agastaches (Anise hyssop) along the path. One smells like the traditional licorice and the others are more lemony. I love lemon scented anything. All citrus plants have incredible smelling flowers. Some people love Gardenias. One of my favorites, however, is Daphne odora. They seem to have a bit of a citrus scent. I know I've shared this before, but I always think of Evan when the Daphnes start to bloom. I had a Daphne in the Butterfly garden (which is now Evan's garden) years ago. I had a big, beautiful plant that bloomed in late January/early February, right around Evan's birthday. I remember going over to this Daphne, bending down, and taking a sniff. I beckoned to Evan to come over, too. He raised his eyebrows with a, "what's this all about?" expression. He came and took a little sniff. And looked at me with delight in his eyes, and went back for another sniff. Unfortunately I killed that Daphne. But I planted a new one on the first anniversary of Evan's death. It was a plant that reminded me of him, and it blooms around his birthday.

I'm thankful for the little treats that make the kids excited. I was talking to the dentist when he was about to put in a crown on my tooth. He was talking about how kids would do anything for just a sticker. They'd sit through a cleaning or a filling, just to get that sticker at the end. When it comes to school, sometimes a little treat is necessary to get the behavior back on track. When Miranda gets a green star at school, she proudly tells me as soon as she gets off the bus. It's clear that she's proud of herself. She also knows that when the green stars start to add up, she'll get a treat. A special snack or a small Lego toy makes her day. The special snack is earned when both kids have a good day at school (and only once a week, or else my waist line would grow!) So, they cheer each other on. Duncan says, "Miranda got a pink star? Way to go, Miranda!"

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The cheering on is great.