Friday, November 8, 2013

Oops, a day behind.

So, I went to a concert last night with my gig buddy, and was too wiped out when I got home to be thankful. Well, in writing, at least. But that means I have to have enough creativity to think of two things today. The horror! With the gig in mind, I would say that I'm thankful for having gig buddies. I would probably never attend concerts if I had to go alone. I wouldn't want to drive into the Big City, or another state if I didn't have a friend along for the ride. And jumping up and down to our favorite bands is so much more fun with a friend. So, thanks Gig Buddies!

The band we went to see last night was Young the Giant. They are coming out with a new album next year, and they are doing these mini preview concerts to get fans excited. It worked! I liked the new songs they played and look forward to more music! I call Young the Giant one of my Happy Bands. Their music is often in major keys and, well, happy. For me it conjures up images of the beach. Maybe because they're from California. It's nice. Another Happy Band is The Vaccines. Completely different sound. They also play a lot of music in major keys. There's just a lot of feelgoodness to both bands. And if I'm upset, angry, sad, whatever, both these groups can help turn that around. Today I'm thankful for my Happy Bands!

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