Saturday, November 9, 2013


I have this book of twelve sonatas by Georg Phillip Telemann. They are called the Methodical Sonatas. There is a score with the flute part and the continuo (just the bass line for the accompanist.) I've had this book for years. Probably since before Evan was born in 2004. So, it could be a decade old! The pieces are methodical, because on each Sonata one of the slow movements (usually the first movement) has the original part and an alternative much ornamented part. They are on the same score. Original on top, ornamented in the middle, continuo on the bottom. It gives the player an idea of how the composer would take that original, more simple melody and add trills, turns, runs, passing name it. It's fascinating, really. In earlier years I looked more at the original and was a little afraid of the ornamented. Not so now. I read both. I think the point of these exercises is to know what Telemann recommends, and do it in other movements, as the mood takes you. Anyway...I've had the book probably ten years. In all this time I thought I'd played everything in there. I mean, it's just twelve pieces. I probably played the ones in a minor key a little bit more often, too. So, when I opened the book to the Sonata in d minor, imagine my surprise when I didn't recognize it. I suppose it's possible I've played it, and just don't remember. I suppose. I looked at the original Andante in the first movement. Then I played the ornamented version. Oh.My.Goodness. I was blown away. I loved it. I played it (the ornamented version) again. I found bits to work on. And then other bits. I didn't even get out of the first movement last night. I loved it. When I pulled the book out again tonight, it was with a, "Heck yeah I'm playing the d minor!" I played the original, then the ornamented. Worked on bits and pieces again. And, with a sigh, decided to look over the rest of the sonata. Not quite up to the first movement, but good stuff. I love finding new pieces that make me want to play and play and play. Even when the "new" piece has been in my music library for a while. So, today I'm thankful for music that thrills me to my core and makes me want to play.

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Mom said...

Your music has brought joy to many. It is a special blessing.