Sunday, November 17, 2013

Let's see...Three Days Behind?

Right. I knew when I signed up to do this that I'm not organized. I knew that I had gotten out of being used to writing blog posts more than just every once in a while. I also knew that Justin would be out of town for part of this period, so I'd have my hands pretty full. So, with that in mind...

On Friday Duncan came home from school his usual happy self. He came in and sat down to play a little Minecraft before we hit the road for Grandma's house. Miranda got home a little later. I started gathering all of our things together. I was getting people to brush their teeth and put on their shoes, when I got close enough to Duncan to notice the heat radiating off him. I got him to come sit on the cool sofa for a few minutes and then checked his temperature. 100.4. I gave him a little time. 101. I paced around a bit. I texted Justin about the symptoms (just the fever) and wondered if it was a side effect from the Flumist Duncan got the previous Tuesday. I called Mom and said we probably weren't coming. I called the doctor's office and they said, "Sure, it could be related. Call back if it gets a lot higher or goes into/past Monday." So, we hung out at home, took some Tylenol (which worked), and went to bed. Thankfully, Duncan's temperature was down to pretty close to normal Saturday morning and better today. He never really acted sick, of which I am also thankful.

We did get to go to The Grandparents' House yesterday. We hit Trader Joe's (oh, I wish we had one close by!) and then Mom and I did a little shopping at a couple of stores in their Five Points area. I was pleased to find some locally and US made Christmas ornaments.It was fun to Shop Small even before Small Business Saturday. Then we went back to The House to eat BBQ and hang out. It was a very relaxing little trip. I'm thankful that my parents are close by, so we can just drive over for a visit. I'm also thankful that the kids love going to see the Grandparents and always have a good time. I enjoy the relationships that are building between them.

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