Monday, November 11, 2013

Garden projects

I've been awake since the little boy woke up coughing this morning around 4:45. I'm pretty beat. I considered going back to bed after getting the kids off to school, but I knew I had serious laundry to do (Mondays are always big!) And I also wanted to get a little gardening in before a cold front comes in Tuesday night. I got the laundry going and then went outside. I collected my gloves and tools and took a peak over into the neighbor's yard. Good. No dog. She barks at me and sometimes aggressively lunges at me through our hedge. She's tied up, but it's still alarming. I went to the Back 40 and got to work. I've slowly been digging up an area back there and installing raised beds. They're only slightly raised, so hopefully, any plants I put in won't be sitting in water if/when it floods. I dug up some ferns and Virginia Iris, divided them, and planted them in this newly disturbed area. Then decided, "That is too low. Water will pool there in a regular rain." So, I went to get some soil.  And came back with plants! And soil! I put down the soil and added some Turtlehead (Chelone lyonii). Now, all I have to do is put some weed cloth down and mulch, and hopefully it'll be ready for the cold air moving in tomorrow night. I have to admit that the last couple of years I've been pretty slack in the garden. I've just let things go. I decided this Fall to, at the very least, try to get things started. I guess it's just overwhelming when it gets so grown up. Once I get out there, though, I really enjoy digging in the dirt. I love being able to get a new plant out of an old one, and of course the feeling of accomplishment is always good! It's not perfect and wouldn't appear in any magazine, but today I'm thankful for my gardens and all of the ongoing gardening projects.

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