Sunday, November 10, 2013

A Good Read

I'm a reader. I always have a book going. If I finish something I have to start another book right away, or it just feels...weird. I enjoy finding a good book and really getting into it. I enjoy finding a good series even more! So then the story just keeps going. And the characters develop into something more like friends than just something written on a page.

Sometimes the best books (or series) come from recommendations from friends or family. I found Terry Pratchett's Discworld series through my sister. Some recommendations miss the mark, of course. "Oh you thought I'd like a romance novel? I see." Before starting a family, I worked at the public library. It was great helping people find books they needed for research or for pleasure. They shared their favorites with me, just as I shared with them. The suggestion that I read the Marcus Didius Falco series (by Lindsey Davis) came from a library customer. I read a few and thoroughly enjoyed them. I don't think I ever read them in order, so I was kind of messed up, story wise. After leaving the library to have Evan, I still read a lot, but some of those recommendations fell by the wayside. I continued with Fantasy and Sci-Fi, and more recently, P.G. Wodehouse and his wonderful Jeeves and Wooster books. Just recently my mom brought over a couple of Marcus Didius Falco books she'd found at the thrift store. I thought, "well, I don't remember much about these anymore, but I'll give them a shot." I started "Saturnalia," and have had a hard time putting it down! I'm upset with myself for letting this series get away from me! What a wonderful writer Ms. Davis is! I'll be digging in the next title soon. But for now I'm thankful for excellent books and that reminder to look at past favorites.


Sherrie said...

I didn't realize I'd introduced you to Pratchett!

Pam said...

Really? Yep. It's all your fault!