Sunday, September 15, 2013

August? Wait...what now?

So, apparently August happened! We just got busy trying to "do all the things" before summer was over, and then summer was over! School started. People posted their first day of school pics all over Facebook. Me? I forgot my camera. Well, in the morning I did. I took the "I'm getting off the bus on the first day of school" pics. Maybe I'll start a new tradition.
Here's Duncan getting off the bus on the first day of Second Grade. He's been in school for a month now and doing fairly well. He's progressing on the things that gave him trouble last year. His handwriting is MUCH better, but he still hates it. I'm already getting little notes about that. Apparently the boy has a stubborn streak (she says as though this is news.) Fun, fun!

Here is Miranda getting off the school bus on her first day of Kindergarten! As adorable as she is, Miranda is my little troublemaker. I get notes almost daily about her behavior. She seems to be taking Naughtiness to the next level.

An effort to get a First Day of School and here's Mommy picture. Maybe we'll try this again when it's cooler out. I've got parent-teacher conferences coming up soon. So, um, yay? 

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Anonymous said...

They grow up so fast.