Monday, September 30, 2013


Back in May and June we had a slithery visitor on the bridge that crosses our little creek. It would sun itself there every day for a while. I went down a few times to take pictures, and it always slithered off. We didn't see it for a while until it decided to show up almost at our door!
The basement door, that is! It hung out in the driveway for a couple of days all snuggled up next to the house. It made going somewhere in the car a little more nerve racking. 

Finally, Justin scooped the snake up with a shovel and tossed it into the back. It wasn't scared of the shovel. In fact, Justin says the snake bit at it.

A month or so went by. No snake. I did some weeding in Evan's Garden over the weekend. I stacked up the weeds next to the deck stairs. Justin went to get weed bags the next day, so that I could pack up the weeds. He said as he set the bags down, he saw a tail slithering away...just leaving its little stacked weed nest. Just imagine had I gone out there to pick up those weeds. Shudder.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Pronouns...Let's get Personal!

Even though most kids start doing some talking in the first couple of years of life, language is something that they continue to learn over time. It's pretty cute, actually. All of the silly things kids say, I mean. They are figuring out sentence structure, adding vocabulary all.the.time.  Just learning what works. I imagine it's fairly common for little kids to get mixed up about many things in the English language. Oh sure, punkin is an acceptable substitute for pumpkin. Pronunciation differences are cute. But changing a person's personal pronoun can be a tad embarrassing! 
When Duncan was four or five, he started tagging all people with male personal pronouns. For example, "There's Mommy! What's he doing? Playing his flute?" And I say, "Um, Duncan? I'm a girl. 'There's Mommy. What's she doing?'" He did this for a long time. He gets it right now, but sometimes he inserts that italicized she to make sure we know he's making that extra effort and emphasis.
Miranda really likes to mix things up. Instead of referring to everything as a male, she does tend to lean towards using the feminine. We've tried the same repetition with her that worked so well with Duncan. Miranda will say, "Grandpa has her hat on!" And we respond, "Grandpa has his hat on." Miranda likes to keep us on our toes, though. Just tonight Duncan was having a pain in his eyes. Miranda was very concerned. She said, "Is Duncan ok? Did he get something in her eyes?!" That Miranda! Always has to do things her way!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

August? Wait...what now?

So, apparently August happened! We just got busy trying to "do all the things" before summer was over, and then summer was over! School started. People posted their first day of school pics all over Facebook. Me? I forgot my camera. Well, in the morning I did. I took the "I'm getting off the bus on the first day of school" pics. Maybe I'll start a new tradition.
Here's Duncan getting off the bus on the first day of Second Grade. He's been in school for a month now and doing fairly well. He's progressing on the things that gave him trouble last year. His handwriting is MUCH better, but he still hates it. I'm already getting little notes about that. Apparently the boy has a stubborn streak (she says as though this is news.) Fun, fun!

Here is Miranda getting off the school bus on her first day of Kindergarten! As adorable as she is, Miranda is my little troublemaker. I get notes almost daily about her behavior. She seems to be taking Naughtiness to the next level.

An effort to get a First Day of School and here's Mommy picture. Maybe we'll try this again when it's cooler out. I've got parent-teacher conferences coming up soon. So, um, yay?