Saturday, July 27, 2013

"I'm Sweaty!"

This summer, and well, every summer, I find myself wiping the perspiration off my brow. This summer has been pretty mild, but we've had days that are sticky, as we say in The South. That means it's humid. So, you sweat even though it's not technically all that hot out. And when I start to glow (because ladies don't sweat, right?), I say to myself, "I'm sweaty" (ok, ladies do sweat!) But I say it in Evan's voice...
Evan had beautiful skin. Everyone talked about his jowls and his jiggly cheeks and how he was "a chunk." Yeah, well, he may have been a chunk, but that skin was gorgeous! Like a rose petal. Soft, clear. With a hint of rosy cheeks. He was one of those little kids whose skin really did glow when he got warm.
You've seen those kids. They have pale skin and then they start running around and get hot, and their little cheeks start to get pink or red.
And Evan did love to run around and play. I remember his preschool teacher commenting on how much he loved to play. I thought to myself, "Well, don't they all?"

Evan especially loved to play outdoors. It didn't matter if it was 100 degrees outside, he wanted to be O-U-T! In fact, I was telling Justin that Evan wants to go o-u-t-s-i-d-e, and Evan cut in and said, "I want to go o-u-t...outside, I wanna go outside!" We'd go out and play until his little cheeks were red and sweat was pouring down and I'd still have to bribe him with orange juice to go back into the blessed air conditioning. And sometimes he'd want to go inside for a quick drink of water, but come right back out. He'd insist that I stay outside while he went in. I don't think he believed me when I said that we would come right back out. If Mommy comes inside, she wants to stay in! While that's true, I tried to keep my word and take him back out (if he let me in in the first place!)

He probably mentioned at times like this that he was sweaty. He seemed more preoccupied with fun than with the heat. I do distinctly remember him running around in the front yard on a cool day. No pink cheeks, no sweat. He turned to me and proclaimed, "I'm sweaty!" you're not. But it's that proclamation to the world at large that sticks in my mind. The way he said those two little words always comes to mind when I get hot and start to sweat.


Mom said...

I remember one day he wanted to go back in for a minute, but he told me, "you stay right here." (on the steps)

Grandpa said...

Evan did love being outside so much, and he loved going to the park and running around there. He hit the ground running every morning he was here and never slowed down.