Monday, June 17, 2013

Summer Studies?

I had thought we'd try to hit the books over the summer months to get the kids ready for the upcoming school year. Not all day or anything, but some nice, organized learning with breaks for fun. Well, it's been more like nice, unorganized fun with bits of learning. Little, tiny bits.
Miranda's been doing a lot of creative play time. She is a wonderful pretender, just like both her brothers. I will often find her playing with her engines and princesses. One day Sleeping Beauty was giving a talk to her engine friends. She had to scold Queen James a few times, though!

When it's too hot to go outside, we have a small bounce house we can inflate indoors. It was the perfect size when they were little. Now, they are so big that they have toppled it over onto its side a couple of times.

The kids participated in Music Camp again this year. Miranda (like last year) hung out in the Narthex during the performance. Duncan sang, played a drum, and played a hand chime! It was a lot of fun!
Miranda also enjoys taking pictures of anything and everything. She loves taking pictures of herself almost as much as she loves gazing in the mirror. She spends time admiring herself, not really primping so much as making faces. If she's crying and upset, she's got to go to the mirror to check out how sad that little face is.
A shot of a beloved mermaid's tail!

She also enjoys sneaking up on big brother. She likes to scare him, tickle him, tease him, and yes, take pictures of him!

"How close can I get to Duncan before he gets mad," she wonders. Duncan plays a video game and tries to ignore her.

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