Friday, June 14, 2013

Red Flowered Step Child

My front gardens are filled with pink! I have a pink Mandavilla trailing up the mailbox and Pink Drift Roses nearby.

These Pink Drift Roses help make my boring sidewalk more beautiful!

I have "Wineberry Candy" Daylilies edging the grass and some "Paper Butterfly" Daylilies in the front beds. They are both peach with a deep pink (am I stretching it?) throat.
I have some lovely pink Vinca serving as my summer annuals in the beds.
I bought some annual pink Geraniums (Pelargoniums!) to throw in alongside the Vinca to get some height and a different leaf. I bought them from a place we like to call Crazy Eddies. We call this respectable nursery CE's, because the plants are at rock bottom prices, and it feels like any ads would say things like, "EVERYTHING MUST GO!!!" Maybe it was because I trusted the labels at Crazy Eddie's. Maybe I should have purchased plants in bloom. But, I ended up with...
This red flowered step child. And she's a beaut. And my daughter Miranda thinks it's, "So pretty!" But the bright red blooms look a little, uh, garish? next to the soft pink hues. So, what to do? I may transplant her back to Evan's Garden (he loved the color red!)

Of course, I can't say that everything in the front gardens is pink, because these lovely Daylilies have had a spot there for years. A bigger spot now, because I've divided one plant into six. I don't know what they are. I picked one up at a fancier nursery (no loud annoying ads for them!) at the end of the summer season one year. I don't remember if it was labelled "Wineberry Candy" or not, but it seems like it was.
Here is a bloom with "Wineberry Candy" in the background. Pretty different. But, oh so lovely! I love them! But I am considering moving them to a different spot. And maybe adding a nice dark pink (burgundy!) daylily to replace them.

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