Saturday, May 25, 2013


We've been fortunate to have a nice rainy winter and spring this year. Everything is lush and beautiful. And just, well, happy! I have Peonies on either side of my front steps. They were supposed to be matching Sarah Bernhardts. So, one of them is...

And one isn't! I do wonder what this one is. She's a beauty!

I kind of felt like the blooms (which I left unsupported this year) looked a bit like a frilly petticoat.

I find the pruning procedures for Clematis a tad confusing. If I read up on it earlier in the season instead of waiting to the last second, I might feel a bit more comfortable. I have two Clematis vines on this trellis, though I only see "Niobe" (I think!) And the pruning I did on Niobe must have been spot on, because she looks magnificent!

The warmer temperatures have not just produced pretty flowers! Eek!

Earlier in the spring "Duncan's Smiling Eyes" Iris and Deuztia "Chardonnay Pearls" (also called Duncan!) bloomed together! Yes, I was very excited!

Here's the Garden Formerly Known as Evan's Garden. I dug out many of the plants that were there and moved them (mostly) to Evan's new garden. I chucked a few of them.

I decided to try to go mostly native in the Back 40. It's basically a flood plain (although, flooding doesn't occur too often), so I wanted to place plants in the area that would be best suited to the conditions. It's still a work in progress.

Around the time I started moving things around and piling soil over there under that tree to the left, THIS happened! I wasn't out there at the time, but I definitely could have been! I had been back there close to that orange slide not an hour before the tree came down!

I was going to post this picture a while back when we first got this pallet of stone with the caption, "I've got my work cut out for me." We got these to do a couple of circles around two trees in the Back 40. I hauled some 30 bags of soil over. And when I say over, I mean I climbed over the retaining wall, down the slope, across the bridge, and over to the tree. I took a stone or two over in this manner for about eight times. On the ninth time as I dropped my foot down over the 3 foot drop (the retaining wall), my ankle buckled, and my body crashed. I bruised my elbows on the retaining wall and had a nasty bruise on my side/back from where I fell on one of my stones. So, over Mother's Day weekend Justin took pity on me, and took the rest of the stone over. 

I can't complete a post about the Spring garden without some comment about the Irises. They were outstanding this year.

These two I got in trade, so I don't know what they're called.

This I purchased from the Botanical Gardens sale. I think it's the native Copper Iris. I really should mark things out there!

And, finally, Hardy Geraniums! 

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