Thursday, May 30, 2013

Birthday Boy!

Duncan just turned 7 recently! He decided he wanted a Minecraft themed party. Minecraft is a video game where the player builds his/her own little world. Pretty much everything is cube shaped. I looked high and low for pre-made Minecraft party supplies, but found very little, despite Minecraft being very popular. So, I headed over to Pinterest to get some ideas.

The lady at the bounce house had the party room decked out in green. I added the homemade Creeper boxes.
I decided to just decorate with our favor bags instead of fancy cupcakes or a cake.

I printed out a Creeper template and colored in the faces on the party favor bags. I ordered clear plastic cubes for candy inspired by Minecraft. The Twizzlers look like the TNT cubes. The Hershey's Silver Nuggets resemble the Iron Ingot, and the M&Ms are just a rainbow assortment. I had wanted to do all brown and green M&M's like the grass blocks, but there weren't enough of those colors in the regular M&M bag.

Duncan loved all the Minecraft touches. But mostly he loved running around and jumping with his friends. So, I would call it a success!


Mom said...

Definitely a success. btw you can buy bags of single colored candies at Party City. Mom

Pam said...

Thanks for the helpful tip. Too bad it wasn't in time for the party!

Anonymous said...

He's growing up.

Brittany@twocrazycupcakes said...

HI! Where did you get the plastic cubes for the favors from?