Monday, April 22, 2013

Trip to Boston! Part 3 - Lincoln

   We travelled over to Lincoln the next day to catch a Fife and Drum concert that afternoon. The performance began with a group of militia men marching in and firing their muskets.

They went through the laborious process of loading the weapons and waited for their leader for the next move. "Fire!" 


And then the Fife and Drum groups marched in for the performance. There were local groups and groups from across the country to perform at The Lincoln Salute! This group is the Connecticut Valley Field Music. They dress in Civil War era uniforms and play music from that period.

The Grand Republic Fife & Drum Corps dresses in modern concert band uniforms and plays music from the 1890's.
The Middlesex County 4-H Fife & Drum Corps! I was impressed by this group of kids! They were playing next to adults and they held their own.

Probably my favorite group, the Bluff Point Quahog Diggers Band. They were barefooted on this chilly day in Massachusetts. And they were just a lot of fun to watch. They clearly enjoy playing.

The Musick of Prescott's Battalion were small, but very skilled, based on an actual fife and drum group in 1775.

If there had been an award for Cutest Corps, the 4-H ers would have easily won!

Fifes & Drums of the Lincoln Minute Men. This is the local group based on an actual group of fifers and drummer that were at North Bridge when the Battle for Concord began! 
Some re-enactors enjoying the performance. And, erm, blocking our view. Not cool!

And finally, the 1st Michigan Colonial Fife and Drum Corps. The largest and best dressed group there. This year marked their 33rd year of participating as part of Patriots Weekend!

The groups all performed one last piece as a group.

This little fellow played along during the concert, but got a little shy when asked to join them at the end.

And for some reason the show ended with a bugle call.
I tweeted during the weekend what a wonderful time it was to be in the Boston area.


Sherrie said...

Wow, you got some great shot! Really brings it back!

Sherrie said...

Erm, shots.

Unknown said...

of course the Quahog Diggers were barefoot! That's how you find them.