Sunday, April 21, 2013

Trip to Boston! Part 2 - Concord and Lexington

Look, what's that white stuff on the ground?
On our second full day in the Boston area, we decided to take advantage of Patriot Weekend activities. We started by visiting Walden Pond. Henry David Thoreau came to Walden Pond in the mid 1800's to live more simply and get closer to nature.

We had a little fun with the Thoreau statue.

A smart phone can help just about anyone simplify, Mr. Thoreau!

Oh dear!

A replica of the small cabin that Thoreau constructed. There's a wonderful little children's book about the making of this cabin called Henry Builds a Cabin by D.B. Johnson.

A small space for a man to get big ideas!

We walked over to Walden Pond, prepared to hike around. The site of Thoreau's cabin is along the way.

Walden Pond! Beautiful, serene,...buggy?! There were loads of mosquitos! In Massachusetts. In April! It was crazy. There were swarms of them. We cut short our hike and headed over to Minute Man National Historic Park.

We didn't get there in time for the parade or re-enactment, but there were still people dressed up in Colonial garb doing demonstrations. (And, in the case of that little girl, just looking cute!)

The ladies talked and sewed.

We learned a bit about needlecraft of the period. As well as food and what the bedrooms were like.

We went outside to watch the carpenter working with period (or replica) tools. Really neat. This gentleman did a little demonstration on how to fire a musket. He said that going quickly, a good militia man would be able to get off three shots in 60 seconds. A lot of work to get that sucker loaded!

Where it all began back in 1875. On Old North Bridge. The beginning of the Battle of Concord and the Revolutionary War.

Statue of the Minute Man, which, according to Wikipedia was made from donated canons from the American Civil War. The statue was placed on April 19, 1875, on the centennial anniversary of the battle.

And a tree root that looks like a foot. We're all so serious, you see.

An old house on the grounds of the park. It serves as a museum (and gift shop!) for visitors. Lovely gardens, too!

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