Saturday, April 20, 2013

Trip to Boston! Part 1 - Muse!

A little over a week ago, Justin and I flew to the great city of Boston for a little vacay. We managed to miss our 8:45am flight (they left 5 minutes early!) and had to sit around the airport until the afternoon, but we finally made it that evening. We had a yummy Italian dinner in town with my sister and brother in law and went to their surburban home for the night. Friday was pretty miserable weather, so we stayed in, snuggled by the fire and watched the movie Hugo. The weather was still cold and rainy that evening, but we had plans! We loaded into the car with my new Muser friend Pam and her family, and headed back to Boston. After some pretty awful traffic, we got dinner and went to the Garden (or Gahden) for the concert.
Scottish band Biffy Clyro opened. I thought they were great. Justin? Well, let's say if I want to see Biffy again, I'll have to find a plus one.

And then it was time for Muse! They are known for their outstanding live performances, and their visuals and stage setup always entertain.

Chris! I got loads of pictures of Chris Wolstenholme for some reason. Ahem. Probably because he was spotlighted fairly consistently. Yep, that's my story. I don't have the extreme closeups that my friends on barrier got, because we were in seats.

Dom with his rotating drum set!

And Matt's back! Matt was not in his spotlight, or just not in a good spot for me, so I didn't get very many good photos of him at all. I loved how the piano came up through the floor.

Chris wrote some music for Muse's new album. Here he performs "Liquid State," which is about his past addiction to alcohol.

And this is what happens when Chris sings a solo. Matt plays guitar while seated on the bass drum. (And look, Morgan!)
I still don't know how I feel about Matt Bellamy setting down his guitar and just walking around with the microphone to sing. Hmmm...

Some silliness that we have come to expect at every Muse gig.

The pyramid lowers onto the band.

It wasn't the end of the show, but that was the last good picture I took! Ha! Oh well. It was a wonderful performance. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting more Musers, and hope to relive it all on the fall leg of the tour.


Sherrie said...

Miss you already!

Pam said...

Awww, shucks!

Linda said...

Great photos of the concert! It looks like you had a lot of fun at this show in Boston! Also looks like you had pretty good seats!