Thursday, April 4, 2013

"I'm Pretty Awesome"

Duncan is a typical kid. He thinks he's pretty awesome. In fact, he'll tell you he's pretty awesome. On a daily basis Duncan comments on one of his incredible abilities. Today he said, 'I'm really strong!" Yesterday it was, "I'm a really smart guy." He used to talk about how fast he was until he met some kids who were faster. Although, he still beats Mommy to the front door (usually when he doesn't tell me that we're racing. I'm not bitter.)
Duncan's fine motor (particularly graph-moto) skills are not skills that get him talking big. He doesn't like to write. It's uncomfortable. He barely wrote until he was in Kindergarten. And don't even talk to me about artwork. It's all a chore. But now that Duncan is finding out about new and interesting things (nuclear power plants...I don't even know where this came from), he's drawing a lot more. His artwork, according to the school psychologist, is along the lines of a 4 or 5 year old. I don't care so much about that, because he wasn't writing anything at that age. He doodles the workings of power plants (with steam, turbines, and everything!) He doodles at home. He doodles at school. Thankfully, the art teacher draws out a little something different from my awesome guy.
I'm not sure what this picture is supposed to be. If the teacher said, "Do a picture of yourself and make it out of cut paper." Or maybe a friend or family member. I just don't know. He never filled in the gaps.
But I did think that little face looked somewhat familiar.


I'm pretty sure he thinks he can do all the things!

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F Moseley said...

Duncan is awesome.