Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Swing

Evan, like most kids, thought the swings were pretty fun. I started putting him in the baby swing at home in those early days, and he loved looking at those adorable bears hovering over his head. The back and forth, back and forth motion was extremely soothing.
When he got a little bigger, we took him to the playground for some swing time.

He wasn't one of those kids that would sit on the swing and do nothing else. You know the ones. They get in that little seat, and Will.Not.Budge. Evan wasn't like that. He wanted to run around and play. And run around some more. But he did enjoy The Swing, if only for a bit.

When the kiddies are little like this, it seems natural for the parent (mommies in particular) to say, "Weeeeee!" with each push. With three or four baby swings lined up side by side, there's a whole chorus of "Weeees" from the mommies. The kids sometimes join in, and sometimes they look at us like we're nuts.

Evan was really part of the second camp. At least, at first he was. He looked at me like, "I'm enjoying it, what else do you want from me, lady?" But eventually, he too joined in. It wasn't like Mommy's musical, "WeeeeEeeEeeeee!" It was more of a deadpan, "wee." And it was tiny like that. This tiny little soft voice saying, "wee" like he didn't really mean it. Or maybe he joined in because these crazy mommies say the silliest things and sometimes you just have to join in to make them happy and make them smile. And that little tiny "wee" still does make me smile.

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Good memories.