Saturday, March 16, 2013

Princess Party! Squeeee!

I asked Miranda before planning her party if she would prefer a Pirate party or a Princess party. I was hoping a little for the Pirate party, because she has more male friends than female, but no, she chose princess. Because she is a princess, naturally. Except she says she's not. Anyway...

I booked the Gymnastics place nearby and she talked of nothing but "my birthday party at the gymnastics place" for weeks. We got there. She had her "gymnastics suit" on. We were ready to roll. Except she wouldn't go into the gym. We asked numerous times if she wanted to play with her friends. Nope. She did watch from the sidelines. It was basically, "It's my party and I won't participate if I don't want to, won't participate..." You get the idea.

Meanwhile, the other kids at Miranda's party jumped,
Fell down like a tree,

and Swung for their first activity.

And Miranda hung out in the waiting area. Ho hum.

The kids then did an obstacle course that included this big bounce house.
Miranda helped set the table with crowns and Ariel (her favorite princess!) napkins.

"Anytime y'all are ready to come over to my birthday party, I'm ready."

And finally, the activities were over and it was time to eat cupcakes.

Here is a crown that I made for the party hats. I wasn't sure if they would make the kids look regal or like Jughead.

The wonderful cupcakes! Beautiful and delicious! (Local folks I can give you the baker's information, if you're interested.)

And then down to business.

Miranda may not have wanted to play in the gym (I'm pretty sure she said it was scary), but she made up for lack of participation with her gratitude for her gifts.

There was no "I've already got that toy" sort of comments from Miranda. She talked about how beautiful the gifts were and how much she loved the unicorn and dolls.

One unexpected item, a musical birthday card, had her saying, "I've never seen that before!"

All too soon, the party was over and it was time to hand out the party favors to friends. I picked out these cute (but small!) boxes from a talented lady on Etsy.
It's been a week and Miranda is still talking about the party!

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F Moseley said...

And she opened one card and said "What a beautiful, beautiful birthday card". Cute.