Sunday, March 31, 2013

Is it? Is it Spring, yet?

I'm hesitant to ask because I might jinx it! It's finally (finally!) starting to feel a little more like spring now. I'm from a part of the country where March is typically pretty pleasant. The daffodils start coming up in January or February, and many perennials start peeking out shortly after. This year's winter hasn't had record low temperatures or anything, but it just kind of dragged on and on. And we haven't even endured the snow that much of the country experienced. I told Justin that I don't think I could ever move further north, because I just don't like the cold. I like four seasons, thank you very much. Although, I could certainly do with fewer hot days in summer (especially compared to last year-ouch!)

Once the new year begins I can be found surrounded by several garden books, the laptop, and paper. I start planning in January what I would like to do in the garden. By March I hope to have winter cleanup done and be ready to get busy with the new season. This year I have grand plans for the Back 40. Mostly to get rid of the "grass" (coughweedscough), and do island beds around the trees. Basically trying to get it pretty natural looking. I hope to replace non-natives with mostly natives as it's a flood plain. Evan's Garden is in the Back 40. I decided fairly recently I'd like to move his garden to this side of the creek, next to the house (combining Evan's Garden with my Butterfly Garden.) That way I can enjoy it more often and not worry about flooding. And feel less guilty about the weeds in back. I seem to be able to keep up with the weeds nearer the house. Well, until it gets super hot. So, grand plans, indeed. And I haven't started, because it's been too cold and too wet (not complaining about the rain!) to get out there. So, now that Spring seems to possibly be here, maybe (just maybe!), I can get started!

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