Tuesday, March 19, 2013


It seems like every kid likes to grab Mommy's (or Daddy's) camera and start shooting. Sometimes the kid can get some pretty amazing shots, but it usually is in between 20 or 30 weird ones. It's definitely interesting to see what ends up being The Subject.
Me, for instance! Here I am backing out of our sloped driveway.

Favorite reading material (Pinkalicious by Elizabeth and Victoria Kann.) From this shot alone one can determine that the camera was in the hands of my little girly girl. Duncan shuns anything pink.

There were several blurry finger shots, but I liked the arm shot best.

Ummm...still life.

Still in bed life.

Self portrait: Legs!

Self portrait. I think she does a better job than some adults I've seen!

Close up!


F Moseley said...

She's a good photographer.

Unknown said...

Does Justin sleep in his glasses?


Pam said...

No! It was morning and he was *almost* up!