Saturday, February 16, 2013

Remembering Evan

On February 1st my parents and I got together to remember Evan with a balloon release. We got the balloons and drove to a favorite park nearby.

Evan's favorite color was red. Of course, he liked balloons of any color, because balloons are just plain fun. But the red ones are a little special. And the greens.

I said once before that it's hard to stay upset when you're carrying a balloon. That was true then. But when I purchase balloons to release to Evan, I have to admit, I'm sad. More than six years after his death, and I still hurt.

We also purchased one of those fancy latex balloons with Spiderman on it. I thought a nine year old boy would probably like Spidey. I thought I would take it home instead of sending it up. The idea was to share it with Duncan and Miranda to help them remember their brother in a nice way.

We managed to leave the car door open during lunch, and in the blustery weather, the Spiderman balloon released itself. I'd like to think Evan decided he wanted it after all.
We love you and miss you, buddy.


Grandma said...

I think we will always hurt because we miss him.It was a beautiful day, though. Love you all.

Sandy said...

Thanks for sharing your day. This week will be seven years since my son died and of course I miss him always. I loved the part about the Spidey balloon - Sending thoughts and prayers to you.

Pam said...

Thanks for stopping by, Sandy. Sending hugs to you this week along with prayers. (I love that daylily pic, btw.)