Monday, February 18, 2013

Creek's Up!

January was a pretty wet month. We had a couple of weeks of rainy weather, then a storm came through with some heavy downpours. So, the creek was up!

We hadn't seen this much water coming through in quite some time! The kids watched the rapids and listened to warnings that they should never, ever go out there during a storm. Never!

The right section of the Back 40 is higher (thanks to some hard work!) post 2009 flood. So, it did pretty well with this rain.

The left side? Not so much. It's still the lowest point of the surrounding yards.

The creek flowing in from the neighbor's property.

I'm hoping to do raised island sort of beds around those trees on the left with some nice native plants that can tolerate seasonal flooding. Maybe building up will help keep this from happening in the future!

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