Monday, January 7, 2013

Oh Christmas Tree!

This year...or I should say last year we did the usual thing and got our Christmas tree around the second week of December. Brought it home, put it in the front window, and the kids and I got down to decorating. Miranda and I made these princess dresses together!

Of course, with all of the intricate cutting, I guess I mostly made them. But she loved them, and that makes all the difference!

The tree started to lean to the right about a week before Christmas. I mentioned it to Justin. I'm not sure if he believed me. I never really thought it would fall over. Not really. night as I did the dishes, I heard a crash. Whatever it was sounded big! I ran to find the kids. They were fine. I asked Justin, "What was THAT?!" And then I knew. The tree was down. Glass! Water! Everywhere! My eyes welled up a bit, but Justin was there trying to get the silly thing upright again. He managed to do it. I cleaned up the mess. There were several ornaments that I'd had for years that were broken, but those weren't the ones that I was most upset about. Ever since Evan died I've purchased an ornament for him from Santa. Two of those ornaments were broken. Also, his baby's first year ornament and a bell for our wedding anniversary year from my sister. I was just sad. But determined to replace at least a couple of the special ornaments.

On Christmas morning in Evan's polar bear stocking that I made so many years ago, there was a new ornament!

What better way to symbolize a new beginning than a butterfly? I love it!


Grandma said...

Love the princess dresses

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad Santa left that for your tree. Lala